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Hash Trash

P2H4 Hash #457 The Shamerock - 13 March 2004

Damn, that was great! But don't tell the hares.

29 hounds started from the Red Rocks Lounge, just west of the parade route. (We should start there more, they love us, plus Barnacle Bob probably has a stake in it).

After the customary late brief of the checks (they forgot a boob check again) the hounds were off in the typical state of confusion. The checks were all done as Shamrocks (somebody has way too much talent ... I suspect Grit) and green chalk was used for the hashes.

Much time was spent in the creek. Nobody believed me THIS TIME when I explained that Colorado humidity is too low to have moss in creeks, but NOBODY FELL IN! Then again, Sh*t Yeah! wasn't there (very uncharacteristic - he don't miss many).

The devious, sleazy, scum-sucking hares had a surprise for us ... the beer check was at Rodeo F$#@k's house! Not that Rodeo F$#@k would necessarily KNOW this, but it created suspicion, especially since THIS TIME Rodeo DID know that her place was the beer check.

The last hounds into the beer check arrived after the pack departed, having been rounded up by a noble knight in shining armour (damn, got the theme wrong again). The knight was driven off with rocks and sticks, fortunately, but we noticed that Rodeo was STILL acting suspiciously, especially since we waited on her after she disappeared into her house and didn't come back.

Off we went, stopping for an incredible view at Colorado City's highest point (the view was of Glitoris and Aqua, but the mountain backdrop was nice too). And the end was at ... you guessed! Rodeo F$#@k's. Meadow Muffins may never see our business again, but who cares! A great harriette! She needs to cum more. And get to more hashes.

We finally reassembled for a great circle, featuring My Little Pony getting the FRB chain for being the first in (we need to slow him down more?), Fido F$#@ker getting the HUYA for dual accusations, including saying the Mardi Gras hash was lame, Grit being recognized for her 100th P2H4 hash (we've been wondering who the blond harriette was), and recognition of retreads Fido F$#@ker, Clit Eats Wood, Muscle Beater, Just Ron, and Just Ray (Phantom and PeeWee talked their way out of that one ... the 29 Feb Hash was NOT a numbered P2H4 Hash!) Finishing the circle, No Dick gave a Porn Meister "reading" demonstrated in the background by Chernoballs and Midnight Stroker. (Nobody actually heard the "reading.")

We were once again treated to a St. Patrick's feast by the hares, including Rodeo F$#@k, now revealed as a collaborator. What a great collaborator ... she even enlisted the neighbor's to help in pulling off the ruse, and we forgot to make her do a down down!

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