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Hash Trash

Denver Hash of Lights - 14 December 2003

Greetings hashers!

almost 70 hasers were in full yuletide gala on the capital steps in denver. we called knees up in hawaii whom just finished her personal best in the marathon there. soon the hares were away and the pack was in hot pursuit! westward thru peoples park was a great lite show, then government buildings. trail then veered us north thru the 16th street mall, another great lite show, then more east into the business district. we all got r workout going up and down several parking garage steps and ramps til we eventually headed back 2 the mall. poopa on roller blades wiped out bad in front of a cop car and popped up smiling. i guess after years of rugby u just can't keep that girl down ! u go girl!

the beer near was in the back room of the rock bottom on the mall. many eyes stared as drunk santas and horny elves came storming thru the establishment. beers all around in the back room with many stares now fixed on nite riders all lights bikini. u had 2 c it 2 believe it! eventually we ran out of beer and on-on again thru more parking garages, the performing arts center, the banks all alite! and eventually up into TARANTULAS 4 the on-in.

a huge area was reserved in the back, $5.00 all pitchers, food, wimps B-day cake, songs, shouting, down-down chugging and other debauchery occurred. even the owner joined in and slammed a beer with us. r delegate from sweden was named THOR THE WHORE! knee deep rode piggy back half the nite, many a denver/boulder hasher whom had not been with us lately joined, we welcomed back the gorgeous box trot and always smiley meatgazer, and back from the middle east STOCKS AND BONDAGE! (she could not attend but a toast was made in her honor). the ft collins hash family made the trip as well as many visitors, virgins, reboots and other unmentionables! great time, great food, lots of beer, lots of jingle balls, green and red tights, elf hats and merriment! whew! i m still stuffed!

happy holidays 2 every1, thanks 2 all who hare and throw these great events and parties. ding dong the witch is dead. saddam behind bars and not the good kind! i vote we give him a roomate like charles manson, or better martha stewart! 1 more rat 2 corner; bin laden look out NOW IT IS YOUR TURN!
always on-on chucky cheeks ;)
G bless us, every1! :P

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