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Hash Trash

P2H4 Winter Parrot head Hash - February 2003

On Behalf of da Hares

Thanks so much for the wonderful turnout. It was truly chaos at its finest. Thanks to KNiBS for the Zippy cup. It will be used for a year or so and then, no doubt, retired to the P2H4 Hash Hotel.

I believe we provided Shrunken Heads with a nice rowdy event for his story. Too bad there was nothing but old dirty snow in COS for a backdrop. His lovely photographer lives in Bolder and we strongly suggested that she go to and hook up with the Bolder/Denver hash. She humored us, but she had that deer-in-the-headlights look just after the circle ended. I don't know if we won her over or not..

Not too many complained about having to get a ticket from Pee Wee before they could get a beer from the bar. It was new twist but it allowed everyone to drink what they wanted at a set price for the Hash. Pee Wee was complaining about being given the job until he found out the hidden benefits. Many of the Harriettes had to show him their Boobs to get a ticket (the wiley bastard). His Hash-logic was that only a true Hasher would take him up on his suggestion so this would helped him filter out any women trying to get a free beer..

The trail was kept simple with many thanks going to the armed security guard that put Rat's Ass and Barnacle Bob on the run about a half mile from the finish. Their second trail was straighter and shorter which suited the new Parrot Head crowd just fine. (But, damn, the first one was so neat!) Keeps It Up and Damn Little laid the first half without incident. The question is who are the true professional hares: The ones who lay the perfect trail without incident, or the ones who had to scramble to cover their asses at the last minute?.

Roach Motel got the HUYA for posing for the skiing shots. She did not want to drink from the plunger so ChernoBalls volunteered to it for her if she bared her breast while he drank. She did and he did and this arrangement worked out very well for everyone present..

Yeasty Boy got the FRB chain. Functionally we did an A to A so Yeasty pulled a Zippy and never left camp..

There was one naming. After much ado and contrived speeches, ChernoBalls named 'Just ??' Cold Member, (sung to the tune of Gold Finger). He went away smiling. Is that acceptable?.

BreadBox is having a party next Saturday at her house. She got to shows her teats, too, to make this announcement..

P2H4 Mardi Gras Parade Hash is on March 1, 2003. There will be a sign in sheet but no cash need for the Hash. You buy your own beer. On before is at 'The Keg'. The parade starts from Memorial Park at 1:00 pm. The parade is a family affair so all genitalia must be covered and no open liquor containers. Bring beads and candy to toss to the crowd..

Rat's Ass

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