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Hash Trash

P2H4 #414- The Survival Hash 17 August 2002

**Colorado Hashing at its Best**

First, I need to apologize to Full Service, for nearly injuring her for life. I did not mean it! The poor girl started having lower back pain (which she claimed was caused by a previous injury, but most likely was caused by acrobatic sex on trail probably with Q&A, but possibly with Wimp) about five-miles into the trail. I caught up with her at that point and gave her and Q&A direction for short cut which ended up being a long-cut. They would have been DFL if it were not for No Girth who took a wrong turn and ended up four miles as the crow flies in the opposite direction from the end. (If it was not for his cell phone he would be in Denver by now.) Anyway, the Hashers she named provided her with much need EMT support and I, too, thank them.

Now the reason for her distress. This seemed to be the appropriate weekend for a challenging trail. The theme was set with the Leadville 100-miler going on along with the Pikes Accent and/or the Marathon. So with these events as my paradigm...

The trail was, indeed, dry but I guess it was not really short or flat. Amazing. The trail went across, up, over and around the Red Rocks Canyon land which sits just to the southwest of Old Colorado City on the westside of town. It covers nearly 800 acres and along with the adjacent Section 16 park and national forest provided a lovely venue for Hashing. On this fateful day there was some scrambling up and down cliff faces, bounding across fields of Yucca, a jaunt through an old Red-Sandstone Quarry, plenty of bush whacking through Scrub Oak and Mountain Mahogany, a lot of up and not enough down, and way too much sun. The trail was a long six miles. With false checks who knows. Most cursed me while they were on trail but after a few beer at the end most felt it was great trail. I suppose by Sunday morning they were mostly cursing me again.

The trail ended at my house, where we were faced with the daunting task of trying to drink a keg of Busch. I know to the Hash a beer is a beer, but folks this was Busch. It is called beer, but it does not taste like beer to me. I, personally, can only speculate on what kind animal urine it most likely is, but I will leave the determination to others.

With that, those who met the challenge of #414 now know they have what it takes to do the Ball-Busters at Snowmass. And possibly, it can be the start of training for the Leadville 100-miler next year.

C U all in Snowmass (Bush Yes / Busch No)
Rat's Ass, the Extraordinhare

Addendum Hash Trash- P2H4 #414- The Survival Hash

Further notes:

* The easiest way to enter the Red Rocks Canyon area is to go south on 31st. from Cimarron Ave. about four blocks and park. Hop the fence next to the big NO TRESPASSING sign and head west and south.

* I would like everyone to please meet 'Meat Gazer'. Midnight Strokers little girl got named at #414. It was reported that even as a young child she was constantly attempting to checkout the package of every male friend that visited the house and had to use the bathroom. A phallus fixation is not a bad thing...especially when you are fine looking Hasher/Harriette.

*I am guilty of not providing a beer stop. I will do down-downs as penitence if called upon.

* My (Bush Yes / Busch No) was not a political endorsement. When I wrote the first word my tiny mind was completely focused on a specific and delightful female body part. After sending it I realized the statement was ambiguous. Though the two Bushs have somethings in common, they are truely different and felt a deep need to clarify.

* Do you realize we still have a Bush, a Dick and Colon running the country?

Rat's Ass, the Extraordinhare

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