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Hash Trash

Boulder Hangover Hash, Noon - 1 January 2004

The first hash of 2004 started on a lovely winter day in Denver. I arrived without a hang over but left with one. KDibs and Sloppy hared a fine trail. The distance to the first beer check under a blue spruce on the grassy median of 17th street was just fine for the half minds. The circle jerk from the beer check was too much of an intellectual exercise for the entire pack. Detailed analysis of the flour drop splatter pattern aided in determining that the hounds were running the jerk backwards. Trail then headed back south crossing Colfax on-on to the jello check. Where true trail went from this check was a bit of a mystery which Sloppy remedied by a live lay from her Civic. On-in was then found at the site of the New Years Eve house party. The circle then commenced with Little Head leading the proceedings. It was determined that tie dye is definitely out for 2004 and about half the pack was a fashion victim. To the dismay of everyone Wimps day glo tights are still wearable. Some time during the circle the plumbing in the house decided it had suffered enough abuse and backed up. Whether any of the house pets were impregnanted during the hash is yet to be determined.

CG on-on into 2004

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