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Hash Trash

P2H4 Jingle Balls - 20 December 2003

It was a quiet, dark and stormy, but fair, day for the P2H4 Jingle Balls hash. There were a bunch of hounds.

KIU and Damn Little laid a suck-ass but pretty decent trail. It was literally suck ass, since they deliberately created a muddy spot on the back of the creek just so I would slip on it. Bastards!

Grit In Her Slit (anybody remember her?) cooked up a great feast at the end, which surprisingly was Keep's It Up's house. We were shocked and appalled at this unexpected development. Or rather, his neighbors were shocked and appalled as usual, except they're used to it. Grit looked good ... firm, supple breasts, long blond hair ... ummm ... nevermind.

Anyhow, the trail was short, flat and dry. One of those was true, guess which. I, SlugSuckerButHarriettesCanCallMeNips, undeservedly got the HUYA. IT WASN'T THAT BIG OF A WET SPOT! It was less than my height! Erection Master got the FRB chain. He DID deserve it. Surprisingly, we headed to Cottonwood Creek where we played in the gently flowing, balmy waters.

Chernoballs did great as hash mouth, as usually, and actually remembered songs to sing! His performance was highlighted or highlit, whichever, by his awarding awesome hash calendars to Mismanagement. Hopefully he'll take orders.

The highlight of the evening was supposed to be a mugging, but the muggee went off in reponse to a phone call (me thinks he had a date or something). We will get even.

Also, Rodeo F*%^k showed up!

The REAL highlight of the evening was naming Just Kathy, one of Unfuckable's newbies from Pueblo. This gorgeous redhead has given us lots of ammo for a name, topped off by sprinkling pixie dust on everyone at the Elfish hash. The only problem was choosing amonst several great nominations. From henceforth and evermore, she will be known to the world of hashing as Glitoris.

The evening deterioriated from there into a quick game of Saranwrap. Well, not that quick.

Let's Be Careful Out There,

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