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Hash Trash

Tits and Tw*ts for Toys and Tots - 21 December 2003

A little recap on the Tits and Tw*ts for Toys and Tots or whatever the heck it's called Hash....

When all was done and all the moneys counted, the front range Hashes donated a total of $1110 for the TfTfT Hash Adopt-A-Family(ies) this year! ELEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS! We did so much damage my credit card was shut off part way through the check out process! No kidding! You all rock! Your money provided much needed clothing, shoes, stockings, and toys to 6 childern, gift certificates to Target for their parents, and we even had $105 to donate to the Emergency Family Assistance program of Boulder County. These additional gift cards will go to needy families that were signed up for adoption but not covered by anyone this year.

Quick recap: Trail commenced. After the beer check, the pack was broken up into shopping teams, each team with a child to shop for, a budget, and a list of goodies. Good work by all - most budgets were adhered to, and all items on the list were found. A down down of honorary achievement goes to Team Jasmine headed by Lowlife for the most loot purchased for $100, and by far the longest receipt! Way to go you bargain shoppers!

After a quick circle with beer compliments of OralB, the remaining pack headed to On-After-Wrapping at Blue Lips's's house for, of course, wrapping, beer, and a great spread of food provided by BL&GQ. After a hour long flurry of boxes and paper and tags and tape, all items were beautifully disguised and piled for delivery.

A huge THANKS from your hares to all of you for your generous donations, and time spent shopping and wrapping. We couldn't have done this without all your help! And what a great way to kick off Christmas week.

ONON to a Merry Merry Chirstmas
Poopa, Blue Lips, and Oral B

21 December 2003
Blue Lip's recap of the delivery process of presents.

Hi Poopa,
Here's the scoop.

GQ and I delivered the presents to Sarah, Alex, Anna and Jasmine. We called ahead and were met at the door by Alex who greeted us excitedly with "Are you the people bringing us the Christmas presents?'

We carried in the sacks of goodies. It was a very tiny living room - almost too many packages for the space. The kids glommed on to the stockings right away. Anna found the pink purse and started to jump up and down, screaming "Mom, Mom. look at this!".

Sara calmed everyone down, and was visibly moved by the bounty. If God hears Blessings, we are all many times blessed this season - but we already knew that. Sarah was making the kids refill the stockings and telling them to leave the gifts alone as we were leaving. Those kids will be having a fantastic Christmas morning!

Then it was on to Rosalinda and Arturo. Only Nubia was home. She was very quiet - I think she was overwhelmed. It was a repeat of earlier, small living room, a tree with nothing under it when we entered, and bursting as we left. Then our last stop - delivering $105 worth of target GCs to Margie at EFAA. I don't really know who will benefit from those cards, but Margie was overjoyed - there are definitely last minute requests that can now be fulfilled.

"...and to all a Good Night"
Blue Lips

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