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Hash Trash

P2H4 The Blue Dress Hash - 22 May 2004

Hooters in The Citadel Mall was the location for the On-before, with 49 hounds and 1 Hare in attendance. Out of 50 Hashers only 2 were without blue dresses.

After a promenade thru The Mall to the upper level entrance, where we lost Erection Master, the chalk talk was performed and the hounds were out and lost. I pointed them in the direction they had just come from, and they were on trail. Minutes later I found a lost Erection Master and Belle The Wonder Dog, and sent them in the same direction as the other folkies.

Trail went down the incline off of the south parking lot, up the median of Platte to the other side of Academy, around Citadel Crossing shopping center; back to Platte, to the beer stop at the dirt field next the former Hugh M Woods.

The trail ended at The Caddy Shack on Galley and Wooten. Lip Lock Me jumped into the bar exclaiming "I WON", Just Julie on the other hand said "NO!" when told she was the Front Running Biatch. Erection Master arrived after a long wait, and was rewarded, Down-Down, for being Dead Fu@*ing Last. Sh*t Yeah! Was mugged for his 40th Hash.

Unf*@kable and Lowlife were named Mr and Ms Blue Dress. Much drinking, flashing, and laughing followed.



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