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Hash Trash

Denver Fullmoon hash - 22 November 2002

this past friday quite a large and lively pack gathered at the breckenridge brewery. the hares ANYBODYS BITCH and co hare had a great turn out.
after a few pints at happy hour prices and a group photo the pack was off. the checks were frequent and the falses were long, as well as the distance between hash marks. this led 2 some confusion and after looping around coors field and thru the union station the pack was instructed 2 get on the free mall bus. 2 hounds decided 2 outrun the bus while checking 4 the proper stop. we all hopped at on curtis and had the first beer check at the rock bottom brewery. a soap on the rope has found and snagged out of a nearby tree hence ensuring the finder NO prison sex later and their choice of a drink at the on-in. eventually it was time 2 solve the check 2 continue. after much searching we ended up back at the rock bottom so the checking process began again. eventually we found parts of the trail off and on, but the marks were quite far apart, almost no arrows by the hares 2 let us know which way was on, and alot of cutting thru buildings, under parking garages street noise really seperated the pack. after about 20 minutes and a 2 block radius search 4 the flour, i held an election and the pack boycotted the trail adn skipped the second beer check and went 2 swankys near 19th and blake. several non trail running hashers were there so we knew the hares would eventually find us, plus it was leaked that this was truely the on-in.
little by little the pack and hares arrived, some of the pack went back out 2 find the other beer check and the still missing mister split endz. the brave pack returned empty handed. the circle was ran with much abuse 2 the ahres and much 2 the delight of the non hashing bar patrons. food was delivered and more pitchers quaffed until after many hashers had left we were still missing mister split endz. word was sent 2 the breck brewery, so a hasher awaited him there, several hashers walked around a few block radius 2 no avail. his car was reported 2 still b parked near the breck so we knew he was still in lodo. eventually split did arrive at swankys, chugged his DFL down-down and departed healthy if not happy.
the crowd was great, the hares have 2 leave more marks at nite especially arrows when the trail is gonna cross back near itself several times. good beer, great fun and a grand time. on-on 2 the next full moon. i was i had more details but details r sketchy even from the hares. on-on chucky cheeks ;)

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