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Hash Trash

Boulder H3: What a Voluptuous Trail - 24 May 2004

The Boulder hash #480 hared by DinoSoreAss and DickWithABitchWithADick was held on Monday, May 24th on the peaks and buttes of Boulder. A mound of hounds found the scenic starting location under a threatening sky with a few drops of rain every so often. The hungry pack took off on the path, which went uphill, of course. But that didn’t deter us because we went up and up and up and up even more to catch the VX’s laid for us at several of the highest points. From there we were able to get a fantastic view of Boulder including the threatening storm off in the distance. Then we went down and left and down and right and up and over, climbed some boulders, down again, descended some ledges, ran another path down and around and finally heard the pack slurping on beer and cookies.

Finally the DFL Rat’s Ass arrived and the circle began. FRB’s were named…maybe A Boy Named Sue, Podiaphile and err...umm...someone else...sorry I was getting a beer at the time! Let me see ... accusations began and didn’t end until the little droplets turned into gigantic droplets which was a while later. Some of the more memorable ones were Snowjob complaining, “The hash is getting too old.” So almost everyone had to drink for gray hair including one of our youngest hashers, Sinbad. Lowlife thanked and accused the hares for “laying a trail that was not after my own heart but after my own chest”. Birdman had to drink for general principles even though LittleHead can’t keep the bird guys straight. PigPimp showed off her lavender bra while our newest little hasher Squeeze made a beeline with both hands apparently thinking he was going to get to try out some new milk jugs. Podiaphile hot off the trail of a job interview had to drink for the outfit he wore to the interview. Pod now we understand why you are having such a hard time finding new employment! DinaSoreAss conveyed a story about a customer complaining that the containers were hard to open after "a 15-pack or two".

More accusations went on while darkness descended and the drops got bigger and faster. The pack moved on to some bar somewhere in Boulder to continue the festivities.

As always the one and only Lowlife.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Comments from: Thurston Forebush

Lowlife blessed us with her performance of the Pee Pee dance, and then forgot she had to pee. Hmmm... Maybe that's why she thought it was raining.

Lowlife did many down-downs for private parties, including one for having a private party by herself while in the circle doing a down-down for having a private party.

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