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Hash Trash

Pikes Peak #458 Hash - 27 March 2004

Hare: Gas Ass

25 intrepid hounds assembled at the Mission Inn to pursue one of Hashing's more interesting trails. One again, it looked Gas Ass would play host to a blizzard, but the temperature stayed just high enuf that an actual blizzard didn't quite materialize. But back to that amazing trail.

Gas Ass did, indeed, pull off an engineering marvel, whether intentionally or not. Designed to be an A to A trail, but with the incoming and outgoing trail only 100 feet apart, the pack split (not evenly, of course) with most of the pack going the wrong way and KIU, Chernoballs, Nips, and maybe Aqua following the true trail. Grit In Her Slit managed to follow even a THIRD option which worked too! The truly amazing thing about this is we all converged on the Beer Check at almost the same time. What a feat of trail engineering! Beer, water, soda, etc. were drunk, and off we went again, although I think everyone followed the trail back through the creek bed to the Inn.

This hash marked the return of the world infamous Yanks It to P2H4 for a visit, as well as the locally infamous Bone Blower, who distinguished himself by being the FRB and FORGETTING THE DAMNED CHAIN. He will be rewarded in heaven, or at least the next hash. Gas Ass, of course, received the HUYA for laying the inbound trail and outbound trail too close together. We also "honored" Aqua Lungs for going too long without sex, gave our quasi visitor Tisknay a down down for servicing soldiers, and others for the typical sordid offenses.

Let's be careful out there,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alas. Proud, I can not be for either the obtaining of or the prompt leaving behind of the FRB*tch chain. Libations were many as Aqua pulled out pictures to prove Butt Chug's biting habits of late. We were gladly side tracked from the quest (looking for proof) by Agua's very atristic self-made photos (The lighting was excellent!). I was understandanly blinded by my own excitement . As things released and the beer flow dwindled I was still unable to clear my vision. I walked out with Butt Chug in arm ready to face another day after... I have no excuse...

Bone Blower

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