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Hash Trash

BADA ARVADA revisited 3 November 2002

What gives. No hash trash for the Bada Aravada? First off, the trail sucked as usual. Great job Wimp, Lil Weiner, Oral B and Shoefucker. Despite the influx of new hares, there was not enough water crossings, not deep enough water crossings, not enough knee busting ice and most disgusting of all----the sun was shining!!!!!!!.
We had a photo group grope and then we were off. About 40 hounds showed up for this spectacular event. Trail started off in fine fashion. I was lost, found all the falses. We ran through snow, juniper bushes, then more snow. Like I said, I was lost. Then it happened. The first of many canal crossings. Water was cold, deep too! After a few gazillion miles in drainage canals, there were more water crossings. We all used Knee Deep as a depth gauge! Thanks Knee Deep. For all of you that took the turkey trail instead of the eagle trail, you missed the best crossing of all. Snowball throwing at the poor helpless participants in the water below reigned King. Reminded me of shooting ducks on a pond! Pump Me, I can honestly say I have never seen a water crossing attempt such as yours! Obviously you know how to handle a big pipe!!!! Chucky Cheeks, your attempt to walk accross on the pipe rocked. Although, the crowd on the bank was 'locked and loaded' with many snowballs, the 'jump in and swim method' was the best alternative. Most definitely a crowd pleaser. Some of the pack got lost, like short dick. Not that I am naming dropping. I do believe he was DFL.
Pumpkin beer at the end of the run , enough said! At the on-in there was great chili, great beer, sex with wimp and a warm fire in the fireplace. The hares drank for their deeds. The pack of hounds said your trail sucked. Gee, I can't imagine why. Then I drank more beer and had sex with wimp. Did I say I had more beer. Did I say I sex with wimp? Wow, I digress! There was a naming as well. can't remember what the name was, but I do know it wasn't 'flaming dick up the ass' or 'Vaseline Alley". My favorites. With a little luck from the gods above, we will have deeper crossings, colder temps, and more ice on the canals for next year's run. Another great run..
on out
sperm crawler

OK this was close to a great report; however, crawler forgot the mud and slime plus Wimps attempt to cross a swamp.. The swamp was penis deep in mud. He left poor Shoe Fucker and finshed the trail by telling him .. "your on your own" .. this was only good because Wimp sent him into the bog. ALWAYS TRUST THE HARE!! (that will teach him to fail and show up for the scout). Also it should be noted the chili was made in one day but still found the hounds licking the bottom of the pan. Remember Hares .. trails dont need to be long .. just FUN!!!
Luv Ya Wimp
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