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Hash Trash

BFE Hash Trash - 5 June 2004

Well, another fine hash is over, and I reflect how I have ruined my chances of running for public office.
Thanks to Lip Lock Me for once again laying a long and challenging trail. It got hairy when we weaved our way through dense forest, scaled down the 15-foot cliff, and traversed across the river, but we all made it through. For a brief moment the weather was threatening but everything worked out. (Thanks Gispert!) This was a major event bringing the CKH and P2H4 groups together for drinking, singing, and hashing. It also marked Nothin-But-Nets birthday. Now he can throw away the fake Ids and get into the strip joints on his own.
Thanks to Humidor, as the power behind (in front of/under/riding) the hare. Great work!
FRB (bastard) went to ?
FRB (bitch) went to The Shaft
DFL: oh well! Who really cared!
HUYA: will continue with Tiny Bubble, who left before the circle.
Transplants: Welcome aboard Pi Whole! Hope we can live up to your Mother Hash.
Naming: after only 4 hashes, the crowd was demanding to name Just Julie. After much debate (10 seconds) Just Julie was named Bad Ass Tongue Tricks (BATTs). After a demo in the circle, she was rightfully named! I think she can do pushups with that thing.
After the circle hashing broke away for Beer-Ball, nude-sunbathing, and tent chasing. Anyone hearing about whip cream being sprayed over hashers should just count that as just rumors. To the best of my now sober state, no diary products were wasted during the hash.
OnOn, Chernoballs.

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