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Hash Trash

ChuckECheeks Farewell - 8 December 2002

hey hashers, thanks 2 all of u whom made it 2 the breck sunday nite. i had a great time and judging by the bar tab so did u?!? about 60 hashers and affiliates packed the back room of the breck brew in lodo. besides chucky being 30 minutes late (thanks diane ;) all went well. endless pictures of brecks best, 3 kinds of wine, coffee, soda and ice water pitchers pretty much flowed all nite. ribs, chicken wings, cheese and sausage, veggie trays and quasadioas were set out and dissappeared in true hash fashion. i went alittle nutz on the ribs knowing i will b "porkless" 4 at least the next 90 days! ;( after viewing GQs photo lab i guess more happened that nite then i knew about. lots of breasts and butts and smiles and hugs were expected. "knees up" with a waist line full of $$$ in true stripper fashion was very unexpected (but very arousing). infant viewing of the proud parents Vag and Twirley was a pleasant surprise, as well as alot of cameo appearances from those long gone but not 4gotten. sorry 2 those who couldn't attend. i'll c u all next spring (2003).

FACTS: 1. the bar tap tripled the food tap (i won't have it any other way)
2. the hash took it upon themselves 2 pitch in over $400.00 2 help (after they stuffed it in "knees up"s pants)
3. once again the hash tab was more then the breck made all day. (especially the tips)
4. the breck loves us again! ;)

i will b at the hash of darkness 2nite (monday dec 9th)
i wish u all the happiest of holidays and best sex in the new year. on-on, always chucky cheeks! ;) God bless us, everyone; thanks 2 u all and god bless AMERICA!!! HO!HO!HO!

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