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Hash Trash

Hash of Darkness - 9 December 2002

R U ? i m on my way home from a very successful hash of darkness. over 2 dozen strong ganged at the trailhead and thats about exactly how many cars could fit. birdman and co hare did the basic chalk talk and we were "dancing in the dark"! over half the pack held or wore lights (especially head unixs blue moon head lamp) and we went up, then up, up and alittle more UP! the dancing light beams of various color made us look like an ufo landing 2 the unsuspecting passerby. we summited the table mesa on a gorgeous star lite nite. G beamed down from the half moon with delight. a view check over golden was...well, GOLDEN! with the aroma of the newest hops shipment in the air the trail crossed the plateau then we began 2 go down (my favorite part. get your mind out of the gutter!)
strips of toilet paper marked the way down (thats a sick thought ;( in the snow patches. head unix and doggie knocker decided that the hares made a mistake and they skirted off 2 find their own trail in the dark. we could tell where they were by the light beams and the occassional "ouch!', "SHIT!", "F@#*!" as bare legs hit yucca, barded wire and other owies!
eventually we all we back 2 street level were chips and cookies and a familiar cooler welcomed all. after donning a few more layers the circle proceeded as well. we welcomed a visiting GM from florida whom shall grace us with his presence 4 a few more months (he knows some good songs, as a good GM should!). we also welcomed a virgin or 2, including just JEN whose last hash was in nepal during mansoon season. we now have a "CAN'T GET A BONER!" amongst us. accusations, announcements, blah, blah & blah! 2 cold 4 nudity so we settled 4 booze and vulgarity. how comes i can only remember the harriettes names???
the pack then ajourned 2 the SPOT, were the waitress already had "issues" with r FRBs, go figure! more beer, damn good sandwiches and football ended the evening. (your bears had a bad nite Mr up!?! ;)
congrats and thanks 2 birdman and co. 4 another great trail, well marked, good shiggy, challenging vertical, golden view and GOOD beer! but then again when you've hared as often as birdman what can u expect.
hash of lites, new years eve party, crack of noon hangover hash, full moon in lodo, snow shoe hash, etc...lots coming up soon. don't 4get the snow fest hash weekend, and all of the P2H4, flatlanders, Kimchi and other colorado hashes. i gotta miss 'em, but u don't. on-on, merry hashing 2 all and 2 all a good hash. on-out chucky cheeks ... ;)
PS "he rushed 2 the window and throw up the sash", (i guess he had 2 much sash, at the hash!!! ;)

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